Behind The Scenes

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to be given exclusive access behind the scenes at Chessington. Take a tour around some of Chessington’s dark rides. Seeing how the magic works and being allowed to take our followers along for the journey.

We stepped through Tomb Blaster on a hard hat tour behind the scenes during the ride’s refurbishment and got to look at the extensive work. With the park trying to bring Tomb Blaster back from the dead, would they succeed following this ride update? Take a look through all of the photos and discover just how much went into fixing up the ride.

Sadly, we were also given an opportunity to say goodbye to a Chessington classic. With Bubbleworks set to depart the worlds of adventure, we took a tour of the ride during its final weeks and said farewell to Bubbleworks. We toured the ride with Professor Burps himself and saw more details than we ever imagined! Check out our extensive gallery, links below!

Join us as we delve behind the scenes at Chessington. Taking a walk-through Tomb Blaster and Bubbleworks. We’ve got so much more planned for the future. Take an exclusive look around the park and learn more about what goes into making Chessington a World of Adventures.

Behind The Scenes - Bubbleworks Icon


  • With Bubbleworks closing for good, Chessington invited us along for a tour of the ride before its bubble burst for the final time. Join us for a look around this classic ride for one last time!
Behind The Scenes - Tomb Blaster Icon

Tomb Blaster

  • Join us as we head Behind The Scenes on Tomb Blaster during a renovation ahead of the 2016 Theme Park Season. Chessington were working to bring Tomb Blaster back from the dead, and we got to head into the Tomb and take a tour!