Tomb Blaster

Join us for Tomb Blaster behind the scenes! At the end of the 2015 season. There were a few doubts raised about the future of a couple of the older rides. With it announced that both Safari Skyway and Tomb Blaster were to be closed for the remainder of the season. This forced people to think about what was going on with these rides and if they even had a future. Now Chessington Buzz can share some exclusive news and photos relating to one of these rides. With the future of Safari Skyway made clear, some feared Tomb Blaster would face the same fate.

Tomb Blaster is one of those rides at Chessington that has a lot of meaning. Both die-hard fans and first-time visitors. From its enjoyable sets, theatrical design and its wonderful past. It is safe to say that the removal of the ride from the park’s lineup would be catastrophic.

During the 2015 closed season. Chessington has been embarking on a large-scale project to revitalise and breathe new life into the theme park. Essentially, “Putting the Theme back into Theme Parks”. It’s safe to say that Tomb Blaster was high up on that list. And has seen a large chunk of capital investment (£800k) on improvements.

The ride has had scaffolding set up throughout. This is to allow the teams at Chessington to work on the ride safely. Repainting all the sets, fixing all of the effects, props and of course installing an all-new lighting package. Gone are the bright lights of some scenes. And in came fewer coloured lights. More ultra-violet lights and clever painting tricks bring the sets to life in an all-new way. Check out our Tomb Blaster behind the scenes gallery below!