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Here we go, talking about us! Chessington Buzz was launched onto the scene in 2011 by a group of theme park fans. We thought that Chessington World of Adventures Resort wasn’t being well represented in the community. After just two weeks of development, we rushed to put out a website; the rest is our story.

Over the years our website has been unavailable more than it has been online. But during this time we have continuously been developing our content—both written and media. We’ve been compiling data and research and we’ve been keeping our followers up to date on our social media platforms.

Although our website is small at the minute, compromising primarily of just our news pages. Hidden away in the background are our work-in-progress guides.  We’re working on the website in the background and plan to unveil more sections gradually over the next few years, culminating in releasing our much-anticipated History guide. With the relaunch of our Theme Park Guide in 2022, things are slowly starting to build back up once again.

We appreciate the patience of our followers and hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us. Join us as we slowly lift the veil on the all-new Chessington Buzz.

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Get in touch with a member of the team by filling out the contact form below. A member of the team will reply to you via email as soon as possible. Should you need to contact us regarding the usage of any of the material on our website, please make sure you provide links to the media you wish to use. Use of our media without our permission is against our terms of use as indicated in our disclaimer.

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      Our Friends

    Over the years we’ve been very lucky to have a lot of help and support.

    We would not be where we are today without the help and support of the people below. Here, we say thank you to them for their aid in developing and presenting our website. Apologies if we have missed you off from our list, we’ve had a lot of help! Without them, we wouldn’t be here!

    Alex Machin

    Becca Bailey

    Bex Spencer-Smith

    Ben Strange

    Benedict Martin

    Charlene Fullwood

    Charlie Perks

    Charlotte May

    Charlotte Squibb

    Chris Alborough

    Diogo Jennings

    Emma Owen

    James Allgood

    James Mancktelow

    Jamie Stockwell

    Jared Aitken

    John Wardley

    Jordan Hatch

    Laura Franklin

    Paul Charisma

    Rowena White

    Sam Gregory

    Simon Bangs

    Sofia Green

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