Theme Park

Chessington World of Adventures Resort was one of the pioneering parks in the UK’s theme park industry. Being one of the very first in the country to be built upon a foundation of theming, theatricality and an impressive selection of immersive rides. The development of Chessington in the ’90s was one of brilliance. Growing from a failing zoo into one of the UK’s most loved theme parks.

Paving the way for the rapid growth of the Tussauds group, the profits, ideas and people involved with the initial developments at Chessington then went off to work on other projects. Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and some of the other UK theme parks owe a lot to the ideas of Chessington.

This special little attraction helped shape the UK industry as we know it. Paving the way for the booming outdoor entertainment industry, this little park started small and rapidly grew. We’ll unlock the history of Chessington soon in our dedicated history section.

Discover more about the Chessington World of Adventures in our in-depth Theme Park Guide below. Learn a selection of our hints and tricks or simply find out a few bits of information. We’re ever-expanding and will feature the zoo soon!

Adventure Point Icon

Adventure Point

  • Stepping into Adventure Point is easy, as it is the central point of Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Not only that, but it has everything you’ll need to supply yourself with during your visit.
Forbidden Kingdom Icon

Forbidden Kingdom

  • Enter a land where Egyptian priests and curses rein suprime. Defy logic and battle inside an ancient tomb. Beware of the priest! Can you help release the curse levelled on this ancient land?
Land of the Dragons Icon

Land of the Dragons

  • Once upon a time in a magical place far away, dragons lived alongside unicorns, goblins, trolls and wicked witches. Discover more about their scaly skin and fiery breath in their realm!
Land of the Tiger Icon

Land of the Tiger

  • Suspend disbelief and step into a land where tigers rule the roost. Learn more about these majestic creatures and take a ride down the Amur river on Tiger Rock. A land of wonder awaits.
Mexicana Icon


  • This ramshackle land of calamitous miscreants has cleared out. Leaving the mines empty of gold and nothing but a band of rattlesnakes and scorpions in their wake. Get digging for gold adventurers!
Rainforest Icon


  • Whilst it may be hard to bring the wilderness of a Rainforest to Chessington, this little land does just that. Step foot into a land full of exciting creatures for the little ones to be amazed by!
Shipwreck Coast Icon

Shipwreck Coast

  • The pirates have abandoned this old fishing port in favour of more stormy seas. The rum may have been finished off, but the fish is still fresh and the locals always need help to batten down the hatches when the storms come in!
Wanyama Icon


  • Wanyama literally translates to mean Animal. This wild area features some of the most sensational species, so be sure to remain quiet and get out those binoculars!
Wild Asia Icon

Wild Asia

  • Legends say that a wild Kobra took over this once colourful land. The former inhabitants have returned to the comic books and the Asian jungle has started to take over once more!
Wild Woods Icon

Wild Woods

  • The woods are never quiet for long at Chessington. The legendary Vampire soars through the tree’s with menacing screams. Beware, for in the Wild Woods, you may find a Gruffalo too!
World Of Jumanji Icon

World Of Jumanji

  • The World of Jumanji is coming to Chessington World of Adventures in 2023. With three new rides, including a state-of-the-art roller coaster!