Adventure Point

Stepping into Adventure Point is easy, as it is the central point of Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Not only that, but it has everything you’ll need to supply yourself with during your visit. Adventure Point is the main hub of Chessington. With plenty of stops for food, to top up your thirst and to, get information and help with your day. With the help and information centre open to serve your needs and answer those queries!

Pizza, Pasta, Burgers Hot Dogs and even ribs, the food and drink offering within Adventure Point is vast! From the Smokehouse BBQ and the Pizza Pasta Buffet to the doughnut stalls and ice cream parlours. There is a wide array of food and drink options on offer. Fancy a coffee, a beer or just a simple bottle of your favourite fizzy pop, they’re all available to purchase.

Aside from the food and drink options, there are of course a range of rides to experience. Although this area features rides primarily for the younger adventurer.

One of the biggest features of Adventure Point is also the oldest part of Chessington’s history. Which predates UK theme parks and even roller coasters! The Burnt Stub Mansion was the home of Chessington Zoo’s founder, Reginald Goddard.

Up until the end of the 2016 theme park season, Adventure Point was known as Market Square. It was the original hub of any would-be explorer’s visit to Chessington. With its large open spaces, this area was aptly named due to its theming is an old English market town. With large Tudor style buildings in the form of the now Pizza Pasta building. The area is also the home of Chessington’s very own Adventurer’s services. The perfect place to stop for any help, information or even just a quick height measurement!