In August 2016 a planning application was submitted to the Council to remove Chessington’s existing Carousel. And to replace it with a new heavily themed feature carousel within the park’s Market Square area. The new carousel at Chessington was planned to ensure that the park maintained a carousel offering at the park. At the same time, the team at Merlin Magic Making took the opportunity to spice up the design.

Opening in 2017 was Chessington’s brand-new Adventure Tree Carousel, replacing the park’s existing carousel. But in a more central location. This new ride adorns the centre of Adventure Point and creates one stunning focal point in the area. The ride, featuring a wide variety of different animal-themed steeds for guests to ride on, offers a gentle spinning sensation. Whilst also bobbing up and down to the sounds of an adventurous drum beat.

The Adventure Tree has become a focal point within the centre of Adventure Point. Its stunning tree stands tall. The detailed bamboo work and animals featured around the ride transform it. It is far more than just your run-of-the-mill Merry-Go-Round. Keen to go one better than that, the ride is also has a water feature. With streams of water falling down the roots of the tree on their way down to the ground. Collected in barrels around the ride, the streams of water trickle down from the wonderful bamboo troughs.

The ride was specifically designed to allow wheelchair guests to take a ride. Chessington worked closely alongside Italian Carousel specialists at Bertazzon to create a ride that is suitable for everyone. With its ground-level boarding, it is perfectly positioned for all guests to enjoy.


Ride Model:
Venetian Carousel

Theoretical Capacity:
600 Guests Per Hour

Minimum Height:
No Minimum. Guests Under 1.30m must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+

Attraction Type:
Family Adventures

Disabled Access:

Reserve & Ride:
Not Available

Ride Photos:
Not Available


Chessington Plans New Carousel

Chessington Plans New Carousel

  August 15th 2016

Chessington has today submitted a planning application to Kingston Borough Council seeking permission to install a new carousel ride…

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