Welcome to the Chessington Buzz Features section. Features are the bread and butter of any website. Here we have a small selection of little features, galleries and fun insights into different aspects of Chessington.

From Behind The Scenes tours of some of the park’s classic rides to an in-depth look at the construction of new rides. We’ve got you covered!

Behind the Scenes is a considerable benefit of Chessington Buzz. Over the years we’ve been very fortunate to go in-depth with a few rides and have more planned for the future. From watching Tomb Blaster return from the dead to the last tour around Bubbleworks, we’ve had a blast!

Closed Season Updates are one of our special features here. We take a look around the park when it’s undergoing its winter program and share those updates with our followers. From time to time, we also take a tour with park management and reveal exclusive changes, so rest assured we’ve got the closed season covered.

Construction is always exciting, with new rides, hotels and resort features! Lots of new, exciting things to explore and we love following the build-up of all these attractions! So once a project is completed, you’ll find it here!

Our Features section may only be small now, but it is mighty and shall grow! We have many other projects in the pipeline and cannot wait to unveil more soon.

Behind The Scenes Icon

Behind The Scenes

  • Join us as we delve behind the scenes at Chessington! We take a look at projects around the park, rides under maintenance and so much more! Take an exclusive look behind the curtains!
Closed Season Updates Icon

Closed Season Updates

  • Closed Season is a busy time for Chessington World of Adventures. Lots to paint, rides to strip down and maintain. Join us as we delve into the Closed Season with a host of updates from around the park.
Planning Portal Icon

Planning Portal

  • A whole host of fantastic attractions have been planned at Chessington over the years. We step back and look at the plans for these new attractions. Some of these plans never even made it into the park.
Under Construction Icon

Under Construction

  • Join us as we follow the construction progress of new attractions at Chessington. These update galleries will be updated as more become available. But enjoy our various extensive construction updates!