Reserve & Ride

Reserve & Ride is the new and improved Fastrack system at Chessington. Implemented as part of a shift to a digital world for the 2022 season. This new quick-queue system is a welcome change. Gone are the card Fastrack tickets we’re all used to! The new system allows unlimited access to a selection of rides, depending on your tier.

The new system works differently, however. Ride & Reserve is a new, virtual queue system that allows guests to wait, without actually being in the queue. With three tiers and one-shot tickets for when you want to ride on those park favourites! Depending on which tier you opt for, the amount of the queue time you wait for changes.

Each tier has different benefits, with Gold offering the quickest virtual queue. Silver gives guests a wait of 50% of the current queue time. With bronze allowing guests to wait the full queue time virtually, whilst riding other attractions simultaneously! The critical thing to remember however is that guests can only reserve one ride at a time. So you have to use up a reservation before booking another exciting ride!

One thing to note, however, the Reserve & Ride system is also used for Ride Access Pass users. Although they board rides via their dedicated entrance in most situations, this system is fairer for all guests. Ending the abuse of the previous paper-based Ride Access Pass. This change also came in as part of the 2022 season and brought a lot of improvements over the previous system.

One Shot Tickets

The ‘One-Shot’ ticket entitles you to one quick queue on your chose attraction.

Please be aware that the prices below are per person and do not include park admission.

Little Adventures

Perfect for those younger guests, these One-Shot tickets get you onto the rides faster.

Attraction: Type: Cost:
Elmer's Flying Jumbos Family Adventures £6
Room on the Broom Family Adventures £6
The Gruffalo River Ride Family Adventures £8

Family Adventures

Get the family together for a One-Shot ticket onto those family attractions.

Attraction: Type: Cost:
Scorpion Express Roller Coasters £7
Tomb Blaster Family Adventures £7
Zufari: Ride Into Africa! Family Adventures £7

Wild Adventures

Jump the queue to one of Chessington’s Wildest rides with one of these One-Shot tickets.

Attraction: Type: Cost:
Croc Drop Wild Rides £8
Dragon's Fury Roller Coasters £8
Kobra Wild Rides £8
Rattlesnake Roller Coasters £8
Tiger Rock Family Adventures £8
Vampire Roller Coasters £8

Reserve & Ride Packages

Reserve & Ride packages allow you to virtually queue on multiple rides and attractions. Details of all the packages and their benefits are listed below. Please be aware that the prices below are per person and do not include park admission.

Please Note: Adventure Tree Carousel, River Rafts, Sea Dragons, Tiny Truckers, Treetop Hoppers & Tuk-Tuk Turmoil are not included on Reserve & Ride packages for operational reasons.

Reserve & Ride Regular - £15

The Regular package gives you the same waiting time as the regular queue. Only, you are able to wait virtually, setting you free to enjoy other rides around the park.

Please Note: Blue Barnacle, Griffin's Galleon, Rattlesnake & Room on the Broom are not included in the Regular Package.

Reserve & Ride Express - £45

The Express package gives you one Reserve & Ride on each of the available attractions with minimal waiting times.

Reserve & Ride Ultimate - £70

Ultimate means just that. Giving you unlimited access to all of the Reserve & Ride attractions with the shortest waiting times.