River Rafts

Take your little adventurers on a journey like nothing else at Chessington. Meander around the river bends and find yourself up close and personal with Coatis. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some of the Rainforests’ other animal inhabitants. Slowly flow downstream on this river raft, but beware. The adventure steps it up a notch.

Following your journey downriver, the monkeys have been wreaking havoc. You find yourself going uphill on this river journey. But remember, what goes up, must come down and River Rafts certainly does that with a splash!

Perfect for those little adventurers, a parent may even take a ride. You’ll soon find your little one has a soaking good time!

Opening alongside the Rainforest for the 2020 season, River Rafts is new to Chessington. Formerly calling Sealife Weymouth its home, the ride was refurbished and made the move to its new home in Rainforest. This new water ride is certainly a welcome addition to the park, especially on those hot summer days.