Joining the other Lands at Chessington, the Rainforest was inspired by Chessington’s support of international conservation charity, World Land Trust. Helping to protect the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre-by-acre.

The Conservation Fund has supported the World Land Trust for the last eight years. Helping to save an area of threatened Rainforest in Ecuador double the size of Chessington. Protecting it annually against poaching, illegal logging, mining and encroachment from farming. The park helps by funding Keepers of the Wild (Rangers), to support safeguarding the area.

Toytown was one of the original lands at Park opening In 2012, rethemed to Africa. With the Jumbos relocated the large area they were in became the Mane stage as we know it today. During its period as Africa, it was home to the Madagascar franchise with a host of dedicated shows.

The Rainforest zone provides several opportunities to see exotic species from the rides up close. The new mini log flume ride has very quickly become one of the park’s most popular attractions.

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