Forbidden Kingdom

Step back in time as you enter a land filled with Egyptian carvings, ancient priests and even giant stone crocodiles! Entering the Forbidden Kingdom takes you back to a time when Egyptian Deity’s ruled supreme.

Becoming a themed land in 1994 as part of the retheming of one of Chessington’s opening day rides, the Fifth Dimension. The Forbidden Kingdom was born. With the idea of an Egyptian themed area is one of the park’s original concepts for their Log Flume ride. The idea of Egypt was brought back to the table when it became time to retheme the former dark ride.

Chessington’s very own Egyptian land is one of the most detailed areas in the park. Home to one of the park’s most popular attractions, Tomb Blaster. The ride, formally home to a misguided adventurer who offered tours of the Tomb, allows riders to don weapons and battle against an ancient priest. With huge, dramatic sets, Tomb Blaster is one of the best rides in the park.

Stepping away from the basecamp style area around the tomb, guests come face to face with the giant stone crocodile head of Sobek. With Chessington’s thrilling ride, Croc Drop, adorning the centre. The towering drop ride will plunge riders into the crocodile’s soul as part of an ancient ceremony. Will guests brave the drop and release the curse?

With its detailed Egyptian townscape and an adventurous area where rope bridges and lookout posts form part of the land. The Forbidden Kingdom is one of the wildest parts of the park.