Wild Rides

Wild Rides by their very nature are more intense than other ride offerings in the park. These are the rides that offer more thrilling sensations and are recommended for older adventurers. Chessington has a small selection of more Wild Rides, but rest assured, these rides, although categorised as Wild are not as intense as you think.

Chessington’s collection of Wild Rides is not the same as Thorpe Park or Alton Towers’ collection. The rides here, although more intense than the more typical family rides are still relatively suitable for younger guests. Only the guests and their parents or friends will know what is suitable for them. Wild Rides at Chessington are not for die-hard thrill-seekers but are a great middle-ground for those looking for something more thrilling.

Blue Barnacle Icon

Blue Barnacle

The Blue Barnacle has arrived. Following the demise of the Black Buccaneer, a new ship has made port, and it's ready to welcome passengers.
Croc Drop Icon

Croc Drop

Croc Drop is a thrilling drop ride that opened at Chessington. It's an adventure that takes you into the heart of a temple cursed by the gods.
Kobra Icon


Legends tell of the giant Kobra where two massive snake heads, carved from stone, tower above you as spin in a frenzy!
Monkey Swinger Icon

Monkey Swinger

Let this devilish ape set you swinging through the treetops but hope the jets of icy cold water don’t bring you crashing back to earth!
Mamba Strike Icon

Mamba Strike

Get ready to unleash your inner adventurer with Mamba Strike, a pulse-pounding ride in the World of Jumanji at Chessington.
Ostrich Stampede Icon

Ostrich Stampede

Nestled within the vibrant Jumanji landscape, Ostrich Stampede invites you to saddle up and join the chase. A frantic escapade ensues.