Step back into a dockside town full of smugglers, marauders and mutineers. Shipwreck Coast is the home of all things crooked and rum. Even the attractions on offer make guests feel more than a little seasick. Inviting guests to take a journey across the seven seas.

Take a turn on the fearsome Seastorm. Ride the stormy seas on this roundabout ride with an added twist. Guests will find themselves caught in a whirlpool trying to steer their ships away from the eye. This sensational ride will leave Chessington’s junior pirates caught in a spin.

Down on the docks, brave sailors can sign up to take a voyage on the Blue Barnacle. Joining the crew on a journey around Shipwreck Coast. Guests will board the colourful vessel and take a trip high above the waves. This ship may not be as cursed as the port’s former inhabitant, but guests sure are in for an exciting adventure.

The damned crew of the Black Buccaneer may have scattered, but Captain and his fresh Fish & Chips serve delectable fresh food at great prices. Some of the best food in all of Chessington.

  Rides & Attractions

Barrel Bail Out Icon

Barrel Bail Out

  •   Shipwreck Coast
  •   Family Adventures
  • A maelstrom has hit and has engulfed the harbour! Can you help the Harbour Master to bring all the barrels back to shore?
Blue Barnacle Icon

Blue Barnacle

  •   Shipwreck Coast
  •   Wild Rides
  • Ahoy adventurers! Set sail upon the Blue Barnacle and ride the waves. Hold on tight or the fearsome crew will make you walk the plank!
Seastorm Icon


  •   Shipwreck Coast
  •   Family Adventures
  • All aboard for a family fun adventure located in Shipwreck Coast. This stormy, spinning ride has ensured all adventurers a jolly good time!
Trawler Trouble Icon

Trawler Trouble

  •   Shipwreck Coast
  •   Family Adventures
  • Trawler Trouble has arrived in Shipwreck Coast and this band of sailors need your help! The captain and his crew are in trouble. Can you help?

  Animal Habitats

Bagot Goats Page Icon

Bagot Goats

Black Rats Page Icon

Black Rats

  Food & Drink

Captain's Fish & Chips Icon

Captain's Fish & Chips

  •   Shipwreck Coast
  • Captain’s Fish & Chips is the perfect place for a quick bite to eat during your adventures at the park, with fresh, hot food, all cooked to order!


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