Join your fellow sailors and pick your ship for a journey across the sea. A rough sea adventure awaits those brave enough to take a spin on Seastorm. Prepare to ride up and down on those stormy waves and prepare your ship to ride the current. Will you be bold and steer into the whirlpool?

Guests will find themselves spinning around and riding up and down the waves on Seastorm. This fast and bumpy ride is perfect for those brave adventurers but beware. These ships are not for those with a weak stomach. The ships spin fast and the spinning whirlpool is certain to thrill.

This is a great step up for families with children who want to move up to the faster rides. Hoist your sail high as you enjoy this fast-paced roundabout ride, just try not to get too seasick! The Capt’ be waiting for his toughest crew to board the Seastorm.