New For 2022: Shipwreck Coast

  March 7th 2022

New For 2022: Shipwreck Coast! Chessington is planning a new land for 2022! The pirates have abandoned this old fishing port in favour of more stormy seas. The rum may have been finished off, but the fish is still fresh and the locals always need help to batten down the hatches when the storms come in!

That’s right, subject to planning permission being granted. Chessington is rejuvenating Pirate’s Cove and retheming it this season. With two new rides set to join the lineup, the Pirates may be gone, but the adventures continue.

Following rumours and speculation at the end of the 2021 season. Chessington Buzz can exclusively reveal that the name for this reimagined land is Shipwreck Coast. Set to breathe new life into a worn-down old English fishing village, the newly renamed land is hoped to join the lineup for this season.

Not only this but two new rides are set to call this new land their home. Bobbing Barrels is planning to make its journey from the fishing ports of Italy. This wet and spinning water mania ride looks set to be a soaker. Trawler Trouble is setting sail fresh from its time at the Island Like No Other, with plans to make Shipwreck Coast its forever home.

All of this is of course subject to the approval of recently submitted planning. But not to worry, we’re keeping our spyglass fixed on the horizon for the latest adventures! With the New For 2022: Shipwreck Coast land opening soon, be sure to follow our construction updates!

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