Jungle Bus closed for 2022

  March 4th 2022

In what may be a surprise for many, Jungle Bus is to remain closed for the 2022 season. Chessington World of Adventures has confirmed to us that Jungle Bus will not reopen this year. With the attraction also not being present on the park map, or app for this season.

Photo courtesy of our friends at Theme Park Guide.

Originally opening in 2001 as Bash Street Bus, this Zamperla Crazy Bus ride was originally located at the back of what was once, Beanoland. This bright red bus boosted riders into the air in a similar fashion to that of a magic carpet ride. Offering a less intense ride than some, this family-friendly ride was a hit.

Fast forward to 2010 and the ride has moved. Jungle Bus now occupies the opposite end of the land and is now a part of the newly rethemed Wild Asia. Sporting a more toned-down sky-blue colour scheme and a highly decorative backdrop. Jungle Bus offered up the same family-friendly ride as before, only in a new guise.

Sadly, however, Jungle Bus will remain closed for the 2022 season. The crazy bus ride has reached the end of the road for now. It is hoped that a new bus will be making its way to the park to replace the tired-out ride. Jungle Bus has closed sadly due to the ride reaching the end of its operational life.

The ride will be closed off for the season, with a themed wall due to cover up the area. Chessington Buzz will of course be keeping our eyes peeled for news of a replacement. More news and exclusive updates coming soon!

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