Pirates Cove Refurb for 2022?

Could a Pirates Cove Refurb for 2022 be on the cards? Following on from the recent news that Seastorm is to remain closed until 2022, could there be more on the horizon?

For the 2021 season, the Mexicana area received a lot of love. New props, new signage and a full repaint. The tired and worn-out land was brought back to life. With Pirates Cove feeling somewhat unloved, could the same be about to happen?

New for 2021 in the Pirates Cove area was Blue Barnacle. The new ride, replacing the former Black Buccaneer ride, opened in April. No fanfare. No celebration. The ride just opened to guests. But, could that change as part of the 2022 season?

Most areas at the park blend together, but recently themed entrances to the lands have been installed. Mexicana got a brightly painted sign and new signage leading from the Forbidden Kingdom. Wild Woods had new signs on the long path leading into the land and Rainforest opened with bold new entrance portals.

For this season, Pirates Cove got a little of that treatment. A new mast, serving as a gateway into the land. Is that the start of the area’s transformation? We certainly hope so! Move around the entrance and queue line for Seastorm. Add more props, and tidy up the area. Chessington could easily tidy up this land for the new season. Perhaps even making way for a new ride.

Of course, this is all speculation, but let us know via our social media channels what you’d like to see happen for the 2022 season! Whatever happens, we’ll be keeping a weathered eye on the horizon for the latest news and updates!

  November 17th 2021