Bobbing Barrels Arrives

  June 10th 2022

Thanks to our roving reporter, we can now exclusively reveal that Bobbing Barrels arrives at Chessington. Following on from our previous news, one of the two new rides for Shipwreck Coast has arrived.

Project Anchor Construction - 10-06-2022
Project Anchor Construction - 10-06-2022
Project Anchor Construction - 10-06-2022
Project Anchor Construction - 10-06-2022

This new for 2022 ride is a Watermania ride from Italian manufacturer, Zamperla. Featuring 6 barrels, guests will board one of them in a circular arrangement and spin. Much like the classic teacup ride. Bobbing Barrels however does have a twist up its sleeve. Thanks to the addition of water guns on the ride and with guns planned for the queue line. This new ride is expected to be a soaker. Perfect for those hot summer days!

The new attraction, set to open later this year is part of an extensive overhaul of the park’s Pirate’s Cove area. Set to be renamed and rejuvenated as Shipwreck Coast, the land is seeing a whole host of exciting changes. With Seastorm due to return from a refurbishment and Trawler Trouble making its way to Chessington, the new land will double the number of rides it has available.

Elsewhere on the Project Anchor site. Work is progressing well on the installation of the operator cabin for Trawler Trouble. With building work progressing well on the former arcade unit to install a new animal enclosure. Believed to be the home of rats.

Following the arrival of Blue Barnacle for 2021 and now these two new rides for this season. The area is going to feel completely different. Although an official opening date has not yet been announced, we cannot wait to see the area completed. More exciting updates coming soon!

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