Chessington Plans Mini-Flume

  September 13th 2019

Chessington Plans Mini-Flume. In a surprise move, Chessington World of Adventures Resort has submitted a new planning application. For the construction of a new, mini log flume ride. The ride formally homed at Weymouth Sealife Centre under the guise of Crocodile Creek. Is proposed to be relocated and installed within the Toadie’s Crazy Cars area.

Plans show the new mini-flume ride will have a total drop height of 4 meters and features six themed boats. Not only that. The planning application also indicates that Toadie’s Crazy Cars will be re-routed. The new route for the ride will also mean that the ride is to receive a new life under the project. With the plans citing a “new jeep ride”.

Not only does it look as though Toadies will be reimagined under the plans. But it looks as though a brand-new area is due to make waves at Chessington. With plans showing details for two new “entrance area portals”. Although it is not yet known if this entirely means a new world at Chessington. Or if this is just detailing new entrance signage for the new rides.

These changes represent a welcome set of changes and a new addition to Chessington. Which hasn’t seen a brand-new ride added for many years. The newest attraction was the Adventure Tree Carousel. Which was an updated Carousel ride and saw the removal of Chessington’s original carousel.

It is thought the new attractions will open for the 2020 season. This is however unconfirmed. Regardless, it is exciting news and we look forward to seeing construction take shape in the closed season. Join us as we follow the planning and construction as Chessington plans mini-flume.

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