A New Lioness Arrives

  June 7th 2014

A new Lioness arrives. There’s a new arrival at Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s Zoo. Following the sad news earlier this year that Kalinga had passed away. Chessington has added a new female lioness to the Trail of the Kings. Joining the animal kingdom at Chessington, the new lioness brings companionship as well as the chance of breeding.

Rotterdam Zoo has moved Rani, the Asiatic Lioness, to her new home in the Surrey-based zoo. The park’s breeding programme selected the two-year-old to participate. Replacing Kalinga as Ashok’s new mate. We hope that the pair may produce cubs in the coming months and years. The pair’s assistance in increasing the population is vital because Asiatic Lions are endangered in the wild.

The lively young lioness was born on November 13th 2011. After being introduced to her new companion, 17-year-old Ashok, Rani is now settling into her new home. Taking up home in their enclosure within the Trail of the Kings area of the Zoo. We hope that the pair will get along well. Introducing new animals is never an easy task, so we hope it goes well for the park. It’s fantastic news that a new Lioness arrives at the park.

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