Chessington Catches Fire

  December 21st 2013

Chessington catches fire. Today at approximately 08:30 am, Chessington World of Adventures had to call the emergency services. Following the breakout of a fire in the park’s Creaky Cafe. The Cafe was, at the time, being used for the park’s Santa’s Grotto attraction.

The fire, which has now been extinguished, has caused a great amount of damage to the Cafe. But the park remains fully optimistic about reopening the Zoo to hotel guests tomorrow. The park was evacuated swiftly using well-rehearsed evacuation procedures. No incidents occurred and no one, animal or human has been injured as a result of the blaze.

This season at Chessington has been somewhat of a poor year. Following the relatively negative reception of Zufari: Ride into Africa and other incidents surrounding ride downtime. Chessington ended on a high with the really well-received Halloween Hocus Pocus event. But overall, this has been a tough season for the park.

With the closure of Runaway Train. The massive theming removal to Dragon Falls and other issues surrounding some of the park’s classic attractions. To add Chessington catches fire? It has been a weak season for Chessington, but the team here at Chessington Buzz remain supportive of the park.

The Chessington Buzz team would like to officially send our condolences to the park following this incident. Please keep your eyes on Chessington Buzz for more updates as we get them!

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