New For 2014: Scorpion Express

In a surprise announcement, Chessington has revealed some big changes are in store for 2014. With a new 2014 addition in the guise of Scorpion Express. Set within the new area of Scorpion Valley, the re-themed ride will be the classic attraction you know and love but with a major facelift!

Scorpion Express is a brand-new ride experience for 2014 set within Scorpion Valley – a land of sweeping sands and gold mines. Adventurers must board the old train of the Scorpion Express as it’s the only way to cross the sands. Watch out for surprises at every turn though! With unstable mines, guarded by scorpions anything could happen. Try not to get too close!

As well as the latest news about the Scorpion Express re-theme, Chessington has also announced the new for 2014 Amazu area. This new and very different area replaces Monkey & Bird Garden with a brand-new treetop adventure.

2014 looks set to be a staggering year for Chessington. With the new Azteca Hotel and the re-theme of Runaway Train. This really is looking set to be one of the best years for Chessington yet! As always, keep your eyes on Chessington Buzz for all the latest news and updates.

  January 20th 2014