Lioness Kalinga Passes

  February 15th 2014

Lioness Kalinga passes. Kalinga the Asiatic Lioness, 11, an inhabitant of Trail of the Kings, died on January 31st 2014.

Kalinga was born on March 1st 2002 to Vanaraj and Shantee at Zoo de La Boissière du Doré, France. She was soon transferred to Terra Natura Zoo and Waterpark, Benidorm. Before relocating to Chessington Zoo in 2007 to join Ashok, the Asiatic Lion from Chester Zoo.

Kalinga and Ashok struggled to produce a healthy litter in the 7 years she spent at Chessington. With one female cub being born and sadly passing away in late 2009. We speculate this was a consequence of Ashok’s genetic defects. Which prevented a previous litter of cubs from healthily growing up with a former Chessington lioness in 2003 and 2004.

Despite the tragic loss of her young female cub, Kalinga was a playful and affectionate lioness. She was seen many times by guests playing with the enrichment bungee cord that provided the meat at feeding times. The beautiful lioness also loved lounging around the wooden frames with Ashok during their days out in the enclosure.

To Chessington Zoo, it is a great loss and we send our commiserations to the zookeepers who took care of Kalinga during her time at the zoo. We sincerely hope Ashok’s heart heals soon.

May Kalinga rest in peace.

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