2021 – 2022

February 26th 2022

It’s that time again when we provide another fantastic closed-season update. This time, however, we’re shaking things up a little bit! Check out our first-ever closed-season update video below! Exclusively uploaded to our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe, more are coming soon!

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February 12th 2022

With the closed season rapidly coming to a close. Chessington Buzz took a tour alongside senior park management to check out the changes in store for us ahead of the 2022 season.

The biggest changes are however in the Forbidden Kingdom and Wild Asia. The Forbidden Kingdom looks fresh and new. With the entire main street receiving a repaint and repairs to the scenery. The land looks sensational once more. 

Over in Wild Asia, big changes have taken place in the Temple of Mayhem, with the entire facade having a fresh coat of paint and a new colour scheme. Bringing this ride back to life and also adding some colour back into the area. Over in Land of the Tiger, Tiger Rock is getting a new queue line. The old timber is being replaced with composite fencing to extend its life. Helping keep it fresh. 

Things are certainly looking up for Chessington. With repair works ongoing through the park and rides now coming to the end of their maintenance works and we cannot wait to head back soon to see what else has changed.

January 29th 2022

With large amounts of work still ongoing around the park, this 2021 – 2022 update gives us a better insight into what’s been happening.

It’s safe to say that Chessington has been a hive of activity over the past few weeks. With much of Adventure Point Pizza & Pasta now sporting a fresh coat of paint. Work seems to be ongoing, however.

The cladding work in Mexicana is continuing. With the Tortilla building now mostly reclad and work in some areas beginning on repainting the new timber cladding.

So, Chessington has certainly gone to town on refurbishments for this closed season. Works look to be complete on rejuvenating Temple of Mayhem. As well as fixing up and repainting the worn-out features of rock work in Land of the Dragons. It’s clear to see that Chessington has developed a penchant for paint and is working hard to repair and fix up large parts of the park this closed season. Where could be next?

January 15th 2022

To the untrained eye, there wasn’t a lot to see during our latest update. But rest assured. We’ve got all the latest news. Work is progressing well around the park on ride maintenance. Work is ongoing to replace a broken sprocket on Vampire, and Seastorm is taking shape ahead of the theme park season.In Land of the Dragons, scaffolding has been erected. With scenic painters spotted fixing up parts of the Dragon’s Playhouse facade. Large amounts of repair and painting are ongoing elsewhere in the resort too.

Progress is now being made on repainting the facade of Temple Of Mayhem. We have a glimpse of, the brighter colour scheme being implemented. Over in Mexicana, the Tortilla building is being fixed up and reclad. And work is also carrying on on Rattlesnake, with the trains, all removed from the track.

As you can see, there is a lot of work going on to fix up tired areas of the park this closed season. We look forward to seeing these works progress!

December 4th 2021

The closed season has begun and it is time for our first 2021 – 2022 update. With Winter’s Tail now well underway we took a trip to the park to see what has changed. Ride strip down has commenced, with Jungle Bus and Monkey Swinger dismantled. Work is ongoing with Monkey Swinger, with the ride fully dismantled and undergoing testing.

Also in Wild Asia, work has taken place on repainting parts of the area’s theme. Repainting work has begun on Banyan’s band of elephants. And work has also started on repainting the entrance of Monkey Swinger.

Seastorm’s ride arms are stored away from the ride and work appears to be underway on the ride’s main hub. The vehicles have been fully removed and work is progressing well on getting the ride fixed up for the new season.

Over in Land of the Dragons, scaffolding has been erected around the windmill tower. With the windmill itself removed. It looks as though work will commence soon on repairing and tidying up the spire. Sea Dragons have had their boats removed and its maintenance work seems to be progressing well.

Croc Drop has had the station floor removed and work has begun on stripping down the ride vehicle. Scaffolding has been constructed within the mouth of the crocodile, with it believed that work will be carried out to fix damage to the croc.