Project Merry

Chessington’s ageing carousel was reaching the end and something needed to replace it. Why not a new carousel? That’s right. Chessington planned to install a new carousel to replace one which was tiring out and costing large sums to maintain. However, the plans saw the new carousel in a new location.

Replacing an under-utilised area in the centre of Market Square. With a doughnut shop taking up the space of the new planned ride. It was clear from the get-go this ride would be a new focal point. Allowing the new attraction to take centre stage in what would become a rejuvenated new land. As part of the addition, the former Market Square area was renamed Adventure Point.

The location of the former carousel became wasted space sadly. With the area becoming occupied by a pay-to-ride go-kart attraction. This wouldn’t last, however. Thanks to some great master-planning, something else would happen here in the coming years.