“CROC DROP” New For 2021?

Chessington World of Adventures has begun a new teaser campaign for the new 2021 drop tower ride, Project Plummet. The teaser image, which was posted on the parks Facebook and Twitter pages are the first for the new ride. Warning guests to ‘Do Not Enter’ and mentioning a dig site, the image details a very vivid Egyptian theme. The new tower ride, codenamed Project Plummet, is a welcome new ride to the park.

The new attraction is due to open next year at the resort and replaces the parks former Rameses Revenge ride. Rameses Revenge was iconic at the park and was sadly removed due to rising costs. The retired attraction opened as part of a Forbidden Kingdom expansion in 1995 was subject to large periods of issues.

Our friends over at SouthParks have also managed to come across an interesting piece of information. Merlin Entertainment’s, the parent company of Chessington, have filled in a trademark request. The request is likely to be the name for the new drop tower attraction, ‘Croc Drop’. It is unsure if this is officially the name for the new attraction, but with it likely that the ride will go up soon, it makes sense to have a name ready.

With teasing set to continue as the ride rises higher and higher into the sky, we’re excited to follow the story of this new ride. ‘Croc Drop’ looks set to have some impressive theming and a unique set of water effects. It may not be as intense or scary as the former Rameses Revenge ride, but we’re excited to ride nonetheless! We’ll have plenty of updates to follow!

  July 14th 2020