Chessington Forced To Close

Due to the ongoing global Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Chessington World of Adventures has announced it will close until further notice.  In a statement made on the parks social media profiles, the park has stated that they will close from Saturday,… Read more »

A New Ship Sets Sail in 2020

Today Chessington World of Adventures confirmed a snippet of news that we posted on social media a few weeks ago. They have announced that a new Pirate Ship ride will be arriving at the park in 2020. Replacing the aged… Read more »

New For 2020: The Rainforest

Splashing into Chessington World of Adventures Resort for 2020 is the parks newest themed world, The Rainforest. Chessington is inviting guests to “Answer the Call of the Wild” as part of its latest marketing campaign. Featuring not one, but three… Read more »

Elmer Fly’s Into Chessington

In a surprise announcement that has gone unnoticed for a number of months. It appears Chessington World of Adventures Resort has signed a 4-year deal to open Elmer’s Flying Jumbos. Based on the children’s book, Elmer the Elephant, the rejuvenated… Read more »

Farewell Rameses Revenge

Yes, that’s right, as of this moment, Rameses Revenge at Chessington has closed for the final time. Never again will guests gaze upon this classic Top Spin ride as it flips rider’s and teases them with water. Rameses has tormented… Read more »

It’s Far Scarier ‘After Dark’

New this year at Chessington’s annual Howl’O’ween event, is something very dark and sinister. So much so that for most guests, it is something that slipped under the radar. Similar to something you’d find at nearby Thorpe Park, Creepy Caves:… Read more »

Rameses Revenge set to close

It has been made official by Chessington World of Adventures Resort that the parks iconic Rameses Revenge top spin ride is set to close. The ride is to be removed to make way for a new attraction coming in 2021…. Read more »