2020 – 2021

It’s time for yet more closed season work, here are our 2020 – 2021 updates! The 2020 – 2021 closed season was sadly quite difficult to capture. Due to the ongoing threat around the world of the Covid-19 pandemic. The country entered into a lockdown shortly after the new year. Forcing the resort to close. The following updates were the only ones we were able to collect. They give us a small insight into the work Chessington was going through to ready themselves for the 2021 season.

19th December 2020

As we can see from the images, work seems to have progressed well on the new 2021 ride, Croc Drop. The majority of the theming looks to be complete, with minor works on going to ready the building for the installation of the ride itself.

Meanwhile, in other areas of the park. Both Scorpion Express and Treetop Hoppers have scaffolding up. This is to allow maintenance teams access to different parts of the ride to perform safety checks.

Croc Drop’s ride system has also been delivered and is in the car park waiting to be built up in the park.

5th December 2020

As we can tell, work on Croc Drop continues, with more work ongoing on the Croc itself. Work is ongoing on the paintwork details and site work around the ride appears to remain on track. It’s thought the ride will be delivered to the park soon.

Over in Wild Asia, Tuk-Tuk Turmoil is undergoing maintenance. Money Swinger’s strip down has begun and Jungle Bus has been renamed Jingle Bus for the Winter’s Tail season. Kobra remains on track but has started to be stripped down for its closed season checks.

Over in Pirate’s Cove, Blue Barnacle has been delivered and the ship itself has been craned into its final location. Ahead of the rest of the ride being erected around it. The structure for the ride is currently stored beneath Dragon’s Fury, ready to be put up when the park is closed to the public.