New For 2021 – Croc Drop

  February 16th 2021

New For 2021 – Croc Drop. Chessington World of Adventures Resort has today officially unveiled its new 2021 ride, Croc Drop. Set to open when the park is allowed to reopen later this year. The new Croc Drop ride is a Drop Tower attraction built by Italian Manufacturer, SBF Rides. Located as part of the Forbidden Kingdom area of the park. The new attraction is a replacement for the park’s former Rameses Revenge ride.

With the release of the below teaser video, the park has confirmed the Croc Drop name.

YouTube player

The new ride will be 25m high and will drop riders up and down into the jaws of a giant stone crocodile head. With the theme based on the Egyptian Deity Sobek, the new ride represents a big new investment for Chessington.

Set to ‘drop’ in spring, those daring will plunge 25m into the giant jaws of a crocodile, Sobek, the ancient Egyptian Crocodile God and protector of the Nile, who has been possessed by evil spirits, transforming him into a cruel deity. With the once fertile Nile laying stagnant, riders must take part in a ceremony to banish the evil spirits from Sobek, plunging into the crocodile’s soul and freeing the waters back into the Nile.

– Chessington World of Adventures Resort

With the opening date for Chessington still unconfirmed. This announcement is certainly something to get excited about!

2021 is already looking likely to be an exciting season at Chessington! With the addition of Croc Drop and the also new Blue Barnacle ride set to open for the first time! As always, Chessington Buzz will be there on the ground getting updates as soon as we are able to!

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