Flying Jumbo’s Takes Flight

  February 4th 2012

That’s right Flying Jumbo’s takes flight once more and has officially moved into a new home. Thought to be part of the Mexicana area, Flying Jumbo’s has been relocated to make way for bigger changes in the former Toy Town area. With the introduction of what is thought to be an exciting, brand new themed land for the 2012 season.

The ride, still retaining its bold pink colour scheme, has been set up and looks ready to go. With the park soon opening for the 2012 season, we are looking forward to taking a ride. The original attraction opened in 1987 as part of Circus World and was located in what is now known as Wild Asia. We’re not sure if the ride will continue to maintain its bright colour scheme, or if a repaint is planned for the future.

Will this be the last time that Flying Jumbo’s takes flight? Has the ride now found its forever home? Having been located in Circus World before moving to ToyTown, the ride has certainly been moved around. Let’s hope this location is its permanent home.

The ride has taken flight and moved into Mexicana to make way for huge changes in Toy Town. With the construction of a brand-new show venue underway in its previous home. The new venue looks set to allow Chessington to provide year-round entertainment on a new purpose-built stage.

Planning permission for the new area was sought in December 2011 and construction started shortly after. It’s an exciting time for Chessington and we eagerly await news of the new shows coming to the park. Be sure to follow us for all the latest news and content!

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