Three Rhino’s Crash Into Chessington

Heavy snowfall can’t halt animals’ charge from Europe to Surrey for a new multi-million-pound safari attraction. The first steps in bringing the African Safari to Surrey are underway. With the arrival of three white rhinoceroses at Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

Rhinos Kanty, Dozer and Gyasi have arrived on British shores after travelling by land and sea. Travelling from zoos in Arnhem in Holland, Beauval in France, and Lisbon in Portugal. Their journey took three days. With snowy conditions and road closures in Northern Europe threatening to delay the big move at the last minute.

As the only safari experience inside the M25 and the only theme park attraction of its kind. Zufari: Ride into Africa will allow people to get an authentic taste of Africa. Without having to venture far from the big city.

– David Smith, Divisional Director

Chessington is currently expanding its resort by over 10% into the 22-acre site. Welcoming a number of native African species for the launch of Zufari! Over the next few weeks, the white rhinos will be joined by the Rothschild giraffe. Greater flamingos, blesbok, Nile lechwe, Grevy’s zebra and many more amazing animals.

We are thrilled to welcome three white rhinos to the resort for the first time. Chessington opened as a Zoo 81 years ago. With any new animal arrival there are challenges to face. We have recruited specialist rhino keepers to ensure they have the best care possible.

– Mark Boardman, Zoo Manager

Zufari: Ride into Africa is set to open on March 16th. Keep an eye on Chessington Buzz for all of the latest news and updates from across the park.

  December 12th 2012