Zog Fly’s Into Chessington

  April 1st 2022

Fresh from the pages of Julia Donaldson’s books, Zog fly’s into Chessington.

In a surprise move, it would appear that Chessington is planning to retheme Dragon’s Fury for 2023. The roller coaster, which opened in 2004 as part of the Land of the Dragons has had very few changes. But that looks set to change.

Tied in with the character Zog from the Julia Donaldson books. Zog’s Magical Flight will send riders in a fiery spin for the new season. Our sources suggest a new dark ride-like section will be installed around the previously un-themed break-run. With work already underway on installing the building. It is expected the ride will be highly story-driven, much like the previous storybook rethemes in the park.

It is expected that a new, detailed queue line will bring the storybook to life. Just before passengers embark on a magical flight with Zog. Alongside a reworked queue line. Chessington Buzz has learned that the ride is set to receive a full repaint during the 2022/2023 closed season. The repaint, expected to help blend the ride in with the various lands the ride neighbours, is still being decided upon.

In the below-leaked artwork, it has become clear that this is a very last-minute change to the ride. Rest assured though, that we will be following progress on the project closely as we head into the closed season.

We will of course have all of the latest news soon and we’ll be watching as Zog fly’s into Chessington in 2023. Be sure to keep up to date with all of the latest news and updates, exclusively here on Chessington Buzz.

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