Sealife Makes A Splash

  March 31st 2022

Once again, Sealife makes a splash with a host of changes following its full reopening.

Today, the opening rooms and main entrance of Chessington’s Sealife Centre have reopened. Due to issues resulting from recent storms, Sealife closed. With part of the attraction closed due to storm damage, the park got to work to make some changes to this aquarium experience.

Long in need of some attention, the opening three rooms have always felt strange. Stepping through the entrance, guests found themselves up against a green screen. With a Picsolve photo kiosk serving as the opening act in this watery wonderland. It always seemed disjointed.

Following on from having a lasting memento taken, you step around the corner. Tired fish tanks were what you encounter, briefly before entering a pre-show area. Rarely used, this space became prime real estate within Sealife and Chessington has made some impressive changes.

A whole host of new theming has been installed. Refreshed walls, new flooring and a complete reworking of the opening scenes have brought Sealife forward. The new theming is impressive and really brings life to the tanks. Making the tropical inhabitants the star of the show once more.

As you can see in the photos, the changes are drastic. Bringing new sets, lighting and vibrant corals to a darker part of the aquarium. The new tanks are bold and colourful, set off by the darker tones in the surrounding areas, Chessington has made fantastic changes.

Sealife makes a splash once more and it’s great to see such steady improvements around the park. With two new rides planned for 2022 and a huge amount of repair work already carried out. Chessington is really stepping things up and long may it continue.

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