2019 – 2020

Our 2019 – 2020 updates are now completed. The season is an exciting time at Chessington, but this closed season was very eventful. With rides and attractions being moved and relocated and the installation of two new rides! Check out all of the updates we recorded below!

February 20th 2020

Closed season work on Seastorm looks to be coming to an end, with the ride’s boats now mostly back in place. Tiny Truckers maintenance looks close to complete and work is continuing on the relocation of Adventure Point Riders. The new Rainforest land looks close to being completed, with steamrollers looking set to install pathing around the area ahead of the opening of the land.

February 15th 2020

The boats have arrived and River Rafts now appears to be fully vertical. The crocodile shaped boats look great, freshly painted and refurbish following their trip from their old home in Weymouth. Elmer’s Flying Jumbos is now complete, with all of the freshly painted elephants now installed on the ride. Alongside all of the fences and work is progressing on the queue line. The Vampire’s new lift chain has been installed and painting work is taking place in Mexicana. Also, Adventure Point rides looks to be getting a new home on the lawn next to Tiny Truckers.

February 1st 2020

Exciting work is taking place over on Vampire now that the ride is in maintenance mode. With a new main cog and chain being installed on lift hill two. Scaffolding has been set up in Land of the Dragons and work is taking place to fix up parts of Canopy Capers. Seastorm maintenance is well underway and Elmer’s Flying Jumbos continues to take shape. Colourful stones have been installed in the rides pit to really bring colour to the ride.

January 18th 2020

Work is flying along over on Elmer’s Flying Jumbos. The blockwork which makes up the surrounding wall around the ride is set in place. The foundations are complete and the ride hardware has been moved into place. Some of the ride’s arms have been installed and a new banner advertising the new land for 2020 has been installed.

January 5th 2020

With the majority of the old Toadie’s route now removed, work is taking shape on building the foundations for the new flume ride. Foundations for the new station building for the flume have been installed and work is progressing well on Treetop Hopper’s maintenance. With a new concrete foundation poured, it is now expected that Treetop Hoppers will be rotated around to become part of the new land.

December 7th 2019

Here we go, our 2019 – 2020 updates begin! It’s the closed season again and Chessington has wasted no time at all! The former Adventure Point rider’s pay-to-play attraction has been removed and groundworks on the Flying Jumbos move is well underway. Site clearing is taking place over on the site of the new 2020 themed land. Toadie’s track has been widened and rerouted. Making way for the new mini-flume rides’ arrival. Scaffolding has also been erected around Treetop Hoppers as part of its routine closed season maintenance.