Elmer Fly’s Into Chessington

In a surprise announcement that has gone unnoticed for a number of months. It appears Chessington World of Adventures Resort has signed a 4-year deal to open Elmer’s Flying Jumbos. Based on the children’s book, Elmer the Elephant, the rejuvenated attraction is a reimagining of the classic Flying Jumbos ride.

Formally housed behind the site of Rameses Revenge, the ride is set to take up a prime position in 2020. Because the ride will be redecorated and relocated to the site formally home to Chessington’s Carousel ride. The site had been the home of a children’s upcharge car attraction, but this has been removed for Elmer’s Flying Jumbos.

The newly rethemed attraction will be moved to allow site access for the removal of Rameses Revenge as well as for the construction of a new ride. The new attraction is due to take up residence in the pit once called home by the former attraction.

We will be following the construction of the ride as it takes up its new home in Adventure Point. So be sure to keep up to date with the latest over on our social media channels. The links for which can all be found below.

  January 3rd 2020