Farewell Rameses Revenge

  November 3rd 2019

Farewell Rameses Revenge. Yes, that’s right, as of this moment, Rameses Revenge at Chessington has closed for the final time. Never again will guests gaze upon this classic Top Spin ride as it flips rider’s and teases them with water. Rameses has tormented and unleashed his revenge on its final guests in an exclusive after-hours event at the park.

Opening in 1995 in the expansion of the parks Forbidden Kingdom area, Rameses Revenge became the park’s most intense ride. It was the first ride in the park to flip guests up and over their heads. Also, the level of detail on the ride was unlike any other thrill ride in the country at the time. With gigantic snakes adorning the ride structure on both sides, detailed pattern work and bold red restraints. The ride stood out!

Buried into a pit to minimise the impact on the local residents, designers made the ride into a spectacle. With its raised-up queue line wrapped around the Forbidden Kingdom area and its clever use of its surroundings. It became a ride that wasn’t just thrilling for those who strapped themselves in for the ride. It was stunning too for onlookers, with its bold operating programmes that held guests face down for soaking.

The closure of the ride is also the end of an era at Chessington. The reason for the closure is unknown. Whether this is due to increasing costs, a lack of parts or a decrease in riders is anyone’s guess. With no official confirmation from Chessington on the subject. It also comes shortly after other Merlin Entertainments Resort Theme Parks, Alton Towers, Gardaland and Heide Park have removed their own Huss Top Spin rides. It could be just part of a company-wide removal programme.

Threat not, however, as plans have already been approved for a new, thrilling ride to take up its mantle. Its place as the most thrilling ride in Chessington, however, is yet to be proven. Will it live up to the legendary Rameses Revenge, in 2021 we will find out. Until then, keep up to date with all the latest news here at Chessington Buzz!

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