Black Buccaneer was a beloved pirate ship ride at Chessington World of Adventures. Opening in 1988 under the name Smuggler’s Galleon. In 1999, the park rethemed it as Black Buccaneer, and since then, the ride has become a staple attraction in the Pirate’s Cove area. It quickly became an iconic ride, known for its intense experience and thrilling swings.

The designers created a large pirate ship ride that swings back and forth with a thrilling motion. Reaching heights of up to 70 feet in the air. A pit buried the ship, giving the ride a tamer appearance than anticipated. Adding to the feeling of being on a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. Black Buccaneer was popular among visitors for its thrilling ride cycle, which often left riders screaming with excitement.

Despite its popularity, the ride encountered some issues in 2019 when it ran aground. Chessington World of Adventures replaced its iconic ride with a new pirate ship ride named Blue Barnacle. Its replacement is undoubtedly an excellent ride. However, it will take time for it to capture the same level of affection as Black Buccaneer.

Although no longer in operation, it will always hold a special place for those who visited during its time. People who boarded often remember the three main rules. “No standing up. No throwing up. And if you’re lucky enough to be in the back row, no holding on to those black cross bars!”

Many visitors over the years have enjoyed the iconic ride, Black Buccaneer. It had a reputation for being a thrilling experience that left riders screaming for more. Although it is no longer in operation. Those who rode it will always fondly remember its legacy, which continues to live on.



Replaced By:
Blue Barnacle

Huss Rides GmbH

Ride Model:
Pirate Ship

64ft / 19.5m

45 Per Cycle

Theoretical Capacity:
1125 Guests Per Hour

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