New For 2018: Tiger Rock

  January 23rd 2018

New For 2018: Tiger Rock. Chessington has officially announced that Tiger Rock and Land of the Tiger will join the park this season. The new 2018-themed land is a reimaging of the former Mystic East area. Featuring a rethemed Dragon Falls log flume ride, which becomes Tiger Rock. As well as the addition of three sensational new Tiger habitats, new themed features and changes to the rest of the land.

The four new inhabitants will be the centre of attention as they painstakingly detail and build the new land. Coming directly from Kolmarden Wildlife Park in Sweden are four beautiful Amur Tigers. With this in mind, Chessington is building not one, but three new habitats. Connected by a series of bridges, the enclosures are the first of their kind in Europe. Featuring unique overhead trails, the new habitats offer guests a sensational way to view these majestic animals.

Sadly, to make way for this new development and for the installation of the new habitats, something has to go. As part of the plans, the team will remove the Ferris wheel named Peeking Heights, which was manufactured by Fabbri. Thorpe Park opened the ride known as Eclipse and originally operated it. The ride moved to Chessington as part of a ride swap deal, with Samurai moving to Thorpe Park.

Chessington Buzz is looking forward to seeing the rejuvenated area set to open later this year! Be sure to keep an eye on our social channels for all the latest news and updates.

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