Chessington Extend 2020 Season

In a surprise move, Chessington World of Adventures Resort has extended the 2020 theme park season. Originally due to close after the end of Howl’O’ween on November 1st, the park has extended through until November 29th. The change adds an additional 4 weekends to the season, giving guests more time to get a ride on their favourite rides.

It is believed that these changes have been made following the parks 3-month closure earlier this year. Closed due to the UK going into Lockdown as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic. The park has added an extra month onto the season to recoup some of the losses involved with closing the park. It’ll also give them the opportunity to give guests more chances to ride. Due to the parks currently limited capacity, not as many guests are getting to visit the park.

The change will have the park going straight into the parks Winter’s Tail Christmas event, rather than operating Zoo Weekends. In previous years, the park operates its Zootastic Weekends to allow them time to set the park up for Christmas. It shall be interesting to see how the park plans to set up for Christmas and we certainly look forward to the extended season!

  August 16th 2020