Could Vampire be revamped?

  February 2nd 2022

Could Vampire be revamped? Following on from the recent news in the UK theme park community. We sit down and consider whether or not Vampire could be due a refurbishment in the future.

As most will know. It was recently made clear that Chessington’s sister park, Alton Towers are planning to carry out extensive work on Nemesis. Opening in 1994, Nemesis is somewhat of an icon to UK coaster enthusiasts. Known for its intense ride and unique theming, Nemesis has been a top coaster for many visitors to the park.

But recently it’s been discovered that Alton Towers are planning an extensive retracking of Nemesis. Removing a large amount of the ride’s track and supports. The park is planning to replace the majority of the ride with a new, sand-filled track. This got us at Chessington Buzz thinking. Could Vampire be due a similar treatment?

Vampire Retracking?

Vampire of course opened in 1990 and has garnered a similar icon status amongst fans of Chessington. Constructed by Arrow Dynamics, a no longer operational coaster manufacturer. The Vampire is one of only a few of its type left in the world. And although Vampire had a large amount of work carried out in 2001 to the ride’s trains. Could a more extensive change be on the cards?

It’s widely believed that should Vampire ever reach the end of its operational life. That the local planning authority would be unlikely to approve a similar scaled ride replacement. But could a Nemesis-style retracking be the best way to keep the ride running?

With Nemesis planned to feature a new, sand-filled, quieter track. Could similar changes be made to Vampire in order to appease the locals? Since the construction of Vampire, lots of progress has been made in the realms of coaster design. Tyre drive lift hills. Magnetic breaking and so much more have been developed. Offering a quieter more reliable ride. Could changes be made to keep the ride running long-term?

A secured future?

As much as we would be sad to see large sections of the ride coming down. And we would of course miss the iconic sounds the ride makes. If removing the original arrow track and changing up the ride keeps it going? We’re all for it. The vampire is at its very core a huge part of Chessington. The park without the Vampire wouldn’t feel right to us so could Vampire be revamped?

But if these changes kept the ride running for years to come? We’d call that a sacrifice worth making, but what do you think? Would you be happy with a Vampire retracking? Let us know by commenting and responding on our social channels. Links below.

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