Chessington World of Water?

Chessington World of Water? In a world where Chessington’s parent company is investing heavily in the Resort Theme Parks division. We consider the possibility of a second gate attraction coming to Chessington. Could a Water Park be on the cards… Read more »

Explorer Entrance Gets The Green Light

Chessington’s planned new explorer entrance gets the green light. Planning has been confirmed and the park is now allowed to proceed with construction on the new entrance area. Following the approval of planning for Project Amazon, Chessington needed to plan… Read more »

Chessington Plans new Entrance

Chessington Plans new Entrance. That’s right, Chessington has submitted more planning documents to the council. In what is considered a surprise move, Chessington has submitted plans to the local authority to build a new entrance to the theme park. Planned… Read more »

Safari Lodges On Track

Safari Lodges On Track. Earlier today, Chessington World of Adventures Resort submitted planning amendments to the council. The amendments have been submitted to respond to questions and planning conditions imposed upon them. The original planning application, submitted in 2017 for… Read more »

10 Year Masterplan Unveiled

April 25th 2016 In September of 2016, Chessington World of Adventures Resort submitted its vision of the park’s future to the Royal Kingston Borough Planning office. The plan, which includes several visuals, provides us with a rough outline of what… Read more »

Go Ape At Chessington This Summer

Go Ape At Chessington This Summer! In a shocking announcement. Chessington World of Adventures has partnered up with Go Ape. Chessington has officially confirmed that they will be partnering up with aerial adventure company Go Ape. The company is well… Read more »

New For 2014: Scorpion Express

In a surprise announcement, Chessington has revealed some big changes are in store for 2014. With a new 2014 addition in the guise of Scorpion Express. Set within the new area of Scorpion Valley, the re-themed ride will be the… Read more »

Hotel Expansion Gets Approval

Following on from our news post in September last year, the new resort hotel expansion has been approved. The planned expansion features sixty-nine guest bedrooms, a new restaurant as well as so much more. The new hotel building will feature… Read more »